Smoked Haddock, Mozzarella Spring Onion Fishcake


  • Delicious blend of smoked haddock, mozzarella, spring onion & potato coated in crispy breadcrumbs.
  • Handmade using the finest ingredients
  • From our award winning supplier Chapmans Seafoods

Our fantastic handmade fishcakes are from Chapmans seafoods, Central to the Chapman’s success story has been the late Mavis Chapman and her closely guarded recipes for her inspirational Fish Cakes. Like many Grimsby housewives she had her own special recipes for making traditional Fish Cakes from the fish that her husband Terry would bring from work. Mavis understood the principle of only ever using the finest ingredients


  • Smoked Haddock, Mozzarella Spring Onion 130g


This product will be picked up by our own delivery service / courier on 7 December 2023
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  • 1 x Smoked Haddock, Mozzarella Spring Onion 130g




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