Large Family Meat Box


If you’re looking to discover all our range has to offer, this box offers unbeatable value. Perfect for feeding a family, all from our award winning butchers.

2 x 250g Back Bacon

1 x 1kg Gammon Joint

2 x 10oz Gammon Steaks

1 x 400g extra lean minced beef

1 x Beef Roasting Joint

2 x 5oz Fillet Steaks

2 x Sirloin Steaks

4 x Pork Loin Steaks

4 x Chicken Breasts 800g

1 x 400g Diced Chicken

10 x Chicken Wings

1 x 1kg Chicken Thighs

1 x 500g Chinese Pork Ribs

Fantastic value

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SKU: 20429


For those of you who are wanting to stock your freezer, our Large Essentials Box is made to provide you with some hearty peace of mind.

Fantastic quality at an affordable price.

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