Our extra lean British minced beef is made from off-cuts of our quality steaks.

Perfect for homemade steak burgers, meatballs and koftas. There’s no need to add oil when pan frying, grilling or barbecuing this beef mince; simply baste the meat with the fat for pure, natural flavour.

Here at Good Taste foods of we only use the best quality meat, sourced & reared by British farmers. We’ve forged relationships with farms and suppliers who care as much about the quality, flavour and origin of food as we do.

As a proud, long standing home delivery company, we always use free range where possible and support the wider agricultural industry. All of our meat is hand butchered on-site, fresh for when you purchase. We also offer the option for you to specify your cuts from your distributor or online , all excellently butchered to your requirements. Our team can also talk you through the process, how best to cook your meats and what they taste like.

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