Menendez & Bird Olive Oil


Grown, harvested, pressed and tinned on a single bio-dynamic estate in the picturesque foothill olive groves of Sierra Nevada, these Hojiblanca, Picual and Arbequinna olives are always harvested early in the season to ensure only vibrant young olives are used guaranteeing full intensity of flavour. Local farmers take pride in using traditional, sustainable methods to preserve each olive’s oil in its absolute finest, freshest state. Theses oil, and these oils alone, are lovingly balanced and blended to create Menedez & Bird’s extra virgin olive oil.

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Brought to you by David Menendez, a leading specialist working closely with the highest quality artisan producers in Spain, and Freddy Bird, chef-owner of critically acclaimed littlefrench restaurant, passionate about gastronomy and produce, have partnered with cutting edge pharmacists turned farmers, Juande And Paula, in a quest to craft the perfect olive oil.




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