Small Cornish fish selection

2 x Cornish Cod fillets

2 x Cornish Plaice fillets

2 x Cornish Hake fillets


Our small Cornish fish selection includes the best selections from the morning’s catches, straight from the Cornish coast. Our small Cornish fish selection are perfect for feeding families, or handy to keep in the freezer and ensure you get your recommended 2 portions per week. Our fresh fish will arrive packaged, labelled and ready to cook or freeze.

Wing of St. Mawes is a family run specialist fishmonger, involved in the fishing industry since its creation by Robert Clifford-Wing some thirty years ago. All of their staff are committed to providing customers and clients with the freshest of fish and professional service to match.

Wing of St. Mawes is committed to a sustainable fishing industry for the benefit of future generations of fishermen, fishing communities, and healthy fish that tastes great! They are working towards minimising our environmental impact by pro-active management and best practice wherever possible.

They also support the introduction of conservation measures that reduce by-catch of certain vulnerable species.
There are many reasons that one can say fish sourced from local Cornish vessels is sustainable. For instance, a revolutionary conservation device called a ‘Pinger’, an electronic sonar emitter, has been introduced and applied throughout the Cornish fishing fleets where appropriate. Such devices are effectively increasing dolphin’s awareness when a fishing net is present and as a result, minimising the risk of dolphins being caught by accident.

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