Olavidia Quesos Y Besos Cheese


  • Olavidia cheese is made entirely by hand from soft pasta made from slow-pasteurized goat milk.
  • It is a cheese of intense flavor, where dairy flavors predominate with some notes of nuts.
  • From award winning suppliers


Presenting an off white colour, Olavidia is a lactic cheese matured with mould and charcoal. Throughout the centre it shows gorgeous veins of ash. It has a creamy texture and then a floral aftertaste. Olavidia was awarded best cheese in the Feria de Gourmets (Madrid, 2018)

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Olavidia Quesos Y Besos Cheese

Shelf life: 60 days from production date. Keep refrigerated and once open keep wrapped and consume within 2 weeks.

Contents: 250g

In 2016, the husband and wife team behind Quesos y Besos (cheeses & kisses) quit their day jobs, and decided to move back to their home town of Guarromán, on the out skirts of Sierra Morena ( Sierra sur de Jaen) to bring up their children and start making cheese. Coming from a long line of shepherds this should have come naturally to them. However, like all visionaries they didn’t want to do any thing the easy way and so, as opposed to making the traditional cheese of the region, they decided they wanted to make a lactic cheese. This is probably the oldest form of fermentation as it relies on bacteria to break down the lactose in the milk into lactic acid. Using milk from their own herd of Malagueña goats which roam freely in the local area, able to graze on numerous wild flowers and herbs, they created Olavidia.

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