• Made in the heart of Península Ibérica
  • Distinctive deep red colouring
  • Hand sliced chorizo
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Fantastic with nibbles from our new premium taste smoked meats collection, make a show-stopping sharing platter. Our Bellota sliced chorizo is delivered to you from our Spanish  supplier Mevalco, from a little community in Extremadura, in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula. a location where pigs can spend the majority of their lives roaming freely while consuming acorns, herbs, and shrub roots


With such a diversified diet, the sliced Chorizo Ibérico provides the richest flavours, which the makers at Extrem further improve by adding a combination of spices while the meat is being cured.




Delivered to your door, our sliced chorizo is ready to be added to your charcuterie boards and enjoyed in the warm weather with a glass of crisp white wine. The product is best consumed once it has warmed up.


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